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"I stumbled across the opportunity to influence my community on a global scale back in 2015 and it has since paid dividends. Just by helping people become happier and healthier, I managed to replace my full time income as a sports journalist in 12 months."

Adem, Australia

"This community is inspiring and life changing. When you feel defeated, then you just need to remember what we are a part of and belong to. We are here to represent the humanity and kindness of the world and truly want to make a difference."

Touran, Australia

"From hotelier to a successful global wellness coach and entrepreneur, I was able to design my dream life. I enjoy my time, health and financial freedom as a PRMG member."

Jayant, India

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A healthier life starts with a healthier mind

min read
Apr 21, 2021

When undertaking a business, generating leads is a top priority. It is imperative for any business to initiate by establishing its own brand goals and brand persona.

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min read
Apr 1, 2021

Editing our images and only posting the most "Insta-worthy" shots has made our virtual lives so far removed from our actual lives.

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min read
Mar 24, 2021

I only follow a select few brands on social media. Why? Because other accounts are clearly managed by someone who does not know how to write readable social media copy. I cross enough blatant advertising in my daily life––magazines, YouTube, billboards, television. I don’t also want to be pitched while scrolling through Twitter. 

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