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For over 36 years, we've been helping influencers around the world monetise their passion.

35 Years and the Best is Yet to Come

Pacific Rim Marketing Group (PRMG), established in 1985 in Melbourne, Australia, is a direct and digital marketing agency.

A global marketing agency with over 250,000 partners and clients, we influence community health on a global scale by only marketing beneficial nutrition, physical activities and general wellbeing.

We want the world to be a happier and healthier place, so we work with partners in athletic leisure, sports performance, health, wellness, fitness and sports industries.

By being considered with our partnerships, we've been able to make a real difference for our clients and in our communities.

35 years old

Established in 1985


Members across the globe

Our mission

Improve community health on a global scale

Meet our fully remote team

The Team Behind PRMG

Indigo Cherry

Talent Scout

As a Talent Scout for PRMG my role focuses on identifying and connecting with health & wellness influencers in service of our mission to create a healthier & happier world. I’m passionate about the power of human connection, forming fruitful relationships between people and brands, and creating methods to facilitate sustained growth within our ever-changing digital landscape.


Julien Fischer

Lead Designer

I'm the lead designer at PRMG. I make sure all brand elements are consistent across PRMG identity. My role is to allow the user to effortlessly and naturally interact in a digital environment.


Jay Levy

Senior Program Lead

I’m the proud leader of PRMG’s Global Community of Influencers. I work across the engineering, design and marketing teams to drive results for our clients, partners and influencers. My role is to empower my team, affording the necessary knowledge and resources to instill change.


Dawid Wadach

Graphic Designer

I’m a Graphic Designer with a passion for unique and exceptional Branding. At PRMG, I prepare and take care of the consistency of digital and printed materials with brand stylistic.


Balázs Ketyi

Product Designer

I'm a Product Designer at PRMG and my role is to design interfaces, processes and systems. By planning and solving problems, my aim is to provide the best experience to our customers, when they're interacting with our platforms.


Irene Babu

Marketing Assistant

As a Marketing Assistant at PRMG, my key role is to maximize business efforts with strategies and various marketing campaigns. I am passionate about all things marketing and communications, understanding consumer behaviours and being a voice for the needs of the society. Living in a fast-paced world today, I value relationship building, fostering a sense of belonging, and advocating overall mental and physical wellbeing.


Conor McDonald

Digital Advertisement Specialist

As we strive to influence community health on a global scale, my role supplements that mission by connecting health & wellness individuals to PRMG through digital platforms. It is my responsibility to ensure we are reaching the right individuals through digital advertisements and messaging. In short, my job is to further grow our community of influencers by ensuring our digital campaigns lead us to quality prospects.


Aditi Gupta

Talent Scout

I’m the Talent Scout at PRMG and my role is to connect all the influencers out there in the health and wellness industry with PRMG to grow and contribute more powerfully.


Alberto Amoretti

Website Development
La Paz

I am in charge of the development of the website. My objective it's to build the product in parallel the design Lead, design team and management, making sure that the final result is a great interactive experience for our users and influencers.

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